Working From Home Smart Attendance Tracker – Web Commerce

Employers can monitor their employees’ work hours through Tictoks’ remote access. Tictok allows remote employees to be monitored for attendance as well as active time tracking Keystroke and other data as well as USB port monitoring. There is also two-factor authentication. It is possible to log into the site using an account username and password, or utilize a unique number. You can click on the Location view. The view will display the current position of an employee. The employee can be viewed by month or the year by choosing the year. Track the employee’s specific keyboardstrokes. The employee can be tracked for all your employees. All of this data can be examined for every employee, for the entire company as well as other types of data. The data is accessible via the mobile phone or in a web browser. The technology was created in order to boost productivity. The increase in productivity results in higher morale in the business. The best way to track this is by looking at the company’s metics in general before determining where the company has weak sector. wmovyc81dp.