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Why Rochester Has a Lot to Offer

Moving to rochester

Moving to Rochester NY can make friends feel quite quizzical. After all, what is here? Did your friends not hear that the former largest employer, Eastman Kodak, is now bankrupt? Actually, there are several reasons to move to Rochester NY. Far from an economic and cultural wasteland, those who move to Rochester NY see plenty of high end jobs and cultural amenities.

Many who move to Rochester find some surprising employment centers. While the economy was once centered on manufacturing, the economy of today focuses on healthcare, education and professional services. The University of Rochester is a research powerhouse, and also has the leading medical center in the region. Elsewhere, professional services abound, particularly financial services.

There are more quality of life reasons for a Rochester NY move. Those who move to Rochester find a very low median housing price, and yet prices almost never fluctuate. Within the city of Rochester, there are a variety of cultural amenities, including the world class Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the vibrant Geva Theater, and the Dryden Theater, which has the fourth largest film library in North America. The suburbs are filled with parks, and the whole metropolitan area just takes 30 minutes to cross, as there is never any traffic.

The best thing about a Rochester move is that families can be raised here. Many of the school districts rank as the best in the nation, and there is ample land and recreation opportunities. Over all, this region offers a great quality of life for children.

So before you write off a move to Rochester, visit here and talk with the locals. You may be surprised at what you see. You will definitely see how the locals love it here, and how those from Rochester love this community. Ultimately, a move to Rochester is a move you will not regret. Read this website for more information.