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I was excited when I moved here last month and found so many Rochester blogs! When exploring my new town, I would rather read a Rochester blog than just a random webpage. When it comes to blogs rochester has a lot of home grown reading and writing to choose from. I myself am a blogger but I am struggling to find a blog Rochester does not have some form of. So it looks like I am off to compete out there with the wonderful world of Rochester blogs.

One thing I love to blog about is crafts. Instructions and ideas for Do It Yourself craft ideas. I made almost everything for our wedding and I like to share those crafting ideas so future brides do not continue reinventing the wheel. I have seen Rochester blogs for brides but I suppose there is always more room for a fresh idea. I also have done a lot of decorating in our new home all by myself. It has been awesome.

I also like to blog about random cultural observations. This seems to be shared inspiration I have read about throughout Rochester blogs. I like to blog about upstate New York drivers and what the heck they could possibly be thinking when they are so far up the butt of my car that I cannot even so much as see their license plate. I like to blog about how quickly they feel the need to honk at each other, even if they are not in a hurry and it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

But my absolute favorite type of blog to write is the ever present review blog. Reviews blogs are also my favorite of the Rochester blogs to read as they help point me towards promising restaurants, bars and shows. I love rushing home from a meal and writing about every detail then sending the description off into the void to help inform other consumers and foodies worldwide.