The Best Lawn Care Tips to Ease You Back Into Spring and Summer – Creative Decorating Ideas

Are you at home? Then take good care of your lawn. There are a few key points to ensure the lawn is at its best.
Sharpening tools for lawns

The most effective tools for lawn care are the most important. Be sure to sharpen the blades, and wash each garden tools.

Tests of soil

The soil test must be conducted prior to cleaning your lawn up.

Sowing spring seeds

Spring is the ideal time to change your lawn’s appearance This is an excellent reason why you should consider seeding a new part of your yard.

Overseeding your lawn

The lawn will bounce back from winter’s extreme conditions by overseeing it and covering any patches that appear to be bald.

Fertilizer is essential

The right fertilizer is essential to your lawn. Test the soil to find the correct fertilizer suitable for your lawn.

For more information about lawn care and gardening take a look at our educational videos on these subjects.