How Can You Identify a NEMA 5-15 Outlet? – SCHUMM

Do you know the type that plug you’re using in your daily life? This video will show you how to locate a outlet NEMA 5-15 for plugs with a NEMA 5 15 plug. Each power outlet and plug has its own characteristics, so it’s important that you understand how to distinguish each.

Experts claim that NEMA5-15R outlets can run 15 amps while producing 125 volts. Maximum output is 1 875 Watts. These power outlets are prevalent in today’s homes. They provide great power to power TVs, phones, lamps, as well as many other everyday household objects.

The NEMA 6-50 is a NEMA plug which can be utilized to power your home at triple speed. It can only work at 250 110 volts. This plug is not able to connect this plug into the NEMA 5-15 because it is only able to supply just 125 volts. This won’t even fit into the outlet!

This video will explain all that you should be aware of about NEMA electrical outlets. You might be amazed by the types of outlet you have in your home.