Mets Make Amazing Comeback in The Ninth – Sports Radio 610

Baseball is an amazing sport. You just never know what you’re likely to see when you arrive at the ballpark. Some of the best sports podcasts have been talking about the recent events that transpired in Philadelphia this past weekend. The Mets were taking on against the Phillies and it looked like a total win. The Phillies were up seven to one in the top in the 9th. The Mets have only three outs remaining. Watch the following move on this video.

The inning starts with an Marte infield strike that he uses his speed to smash out. This infield hit very rarely happens, it appears, is followed by Lindor’s blow. Fans in New York are sensing there’s something wrong. They’re on the floor in celebration despite being still down 7-3. The celebrations won’t end there. There was no stopping it. The Mets were able to continue scoring huge runs and run bases, including the Polar Bear double being the best known. The Phillies swiftly swap pitchers, and then bring their closest player, Corey Knebel, into the game to shut the doors. In reality, he just flung the door open and told the crowd to “come on in.” It rains in Philly. When they scored the tie and ran ahead and run ahead runs, the Mets kept raking. The Phillies bullpen has always been identical. They’d win 8 to 7 more games.