Is Hiring a Solar Company to Install Panels Worth It? – Interstate Moving Company

If you install a quality solar panels, you will get your home to make more use of renewable resource that doesn’t harm the environment. Yet, solar panels made by an organization like solar could be extremely expensive. It’s the final decision, and you should determine whether it’s an economically sound idea for a home renovation project.

In the clip posted on this site, the host goes through the financial implications of owning solar panels. The installation cost was over $40,000. He also had to finance the project so that the amount with interest would be over $66,000 after 25 years of payment. Some of that cost was compensated by a government program that paid over $12,000 to subsidize the installation.

Though it may appear to be quite a lot although it’s really quite significant. He gets his property fully fueled throughout the year and also can cash in to SRECs (solar renewable energy certificates). The state issues these certificates in exchange for every 1000 kwh generated by his solar array. He can also trade them in exchange for cash. Every SREC has a value greater than 220 dollars in 2020. That meant he was able to be able to more than pay for each monthly bill for his solar panels, leading to a net gain in money instead of a loss. rvimz27du8.