Do DIY Auto Glass Repair Kits Work? – Your Oil

indshields comprise three layers. The outer layer is composed of glasses that have been heated, and the inside layer is composed consisting of plastic. There is then a second layer. That means that a glass windshield could not be damaged to the core. Before you start, make sure you check the thickness.

Take the pin from the kit, and then clean any loose fragments. Remove the dirt with alcohol Place the back plate over the cracked area and then attach the cap. Inject the resin contained in the kit through the hole through the top cap. It’s all you’ll need!

Use the syringe that came with the kit, and then plug it inside the opening. The plunger should be pulled up and wait about 10 minutes. To let the air out remove the plunger and push it into the second groove.

It will take the additional twenty minutes. After that, take off the backing plate as well as the syringe and apply another layer of resin and then place the curing strip onto the top. Leave it to the sun to dry to dry, and you’re set to start!

This repair kit is only able to treat tiny cracks. Any crack that extends completely through has to be replaced. If the crack is too long it will be necessary to replace the windshield, too.