How to Screen Print T-Shirts – The Art Museum

The stencil you’ll use to transfer the image onto the shirt. Additional equipment that you’ll need are transparent paper, a piece made of plexiglass or emulsion, scalp coater, and a blow dryer.

Make use of the scoop coater to apply the emulsion to the outside and back on the screens. Allow it to dry, afterwards, clean your scoop coater. Do not allow the emulsion to be exposed to light , or it can cause the print to harden.

There are a variety of options to design your printing from using illustration software or sketching it out by hand. The one that works for you. To keep your designs in place put plexiglass on top of it. Expose the print to the floodlamp, which should take about 2 minutes.

Next step is to clean your screen. Your print is and is ready to put on the shirt. You can also use any color of paint that you would like to use for the pattern. The paint should be applied and scrape away any leftover.

All you have to do is let the paint dry, and you’ll have the perfect custom-designed shirt. Learn more in the video in the video above.