Which Tile Is Right for You? – Pruning Automation

Have a look at the size of the room that you would like to tile. Is it large or small? The larger format tiles look great in larger spaces. On the other hand, smaller format tiles are best in small spaces. There will always be grout to keep clean, regardless of the size of tile. Tiles with larger sizes mean there is less grout to maintain in rooms with large areas.

Even smaller tiles in smaller sizes can add life and color to small spaces. You can choose more vivid colors and patterns using smaller-sized tiles than you get with larger tile sizes. The striking tiles that are used in larger rooms could be intimidating.

For areas that get regularly wet, such as in bathrooms, don’t choose highly polished tiles. These tiles may become slippery if they get submerged. Choose tiles with textured surfaces. When touching it, it will feel as real stone even though it is made from porcelain. If the tiles feature an anti-slip surface or matte finish, smooth tiles will be appropriate.

The largest shower tiles should measure two inches square. It is less likely to slip in the wet shower if there is enough traction. qxfkn6gjdq.