What Should You Really Pay for an Engagement Ring?

How much will the item be worth? Youtube channel The Ramsey Show – Highlights responds to a few queries on how to scout out the perfect rings without going overboard with debt.

Keep in mind that jewel shops frequently charge much more than they actually acceptable. The channel highlights the simple rule that you should not exceed one month’s income. Consider, for example, that you earn about $50,000 annually, multiply that by 12 and you get $4,167.

The happy middle between a poor stone and one that is polished to perfection is what you should be looking for. Bring someone who is more experienced with diamonds than you can. There are two alternatives to going to a jewel shop: diamond brokers with high-end prices and pawnshops.

The price of diamonds is higher than the value they currently have. It is important to be cautious while searching for the perfect diamond. This is true for both the worth of the diamond and the price. Research shows that there is an insignificant correlation between the dimension of the diamond and an effective marriage. ll1jorrwfq.