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iseases that would otherwise create harm. It is common to receive a variety of vaccines in the course of our lives. But, which ones work? In this article, we are going to take a look at how the vaccines work.

This TED-Ed article explains how our immune system fights illnesses by fighting to get rid of the cause. If our immune system is fighting against an illness, it makes the memory of how to be able to fight off the illness in the event that it ever needs to do it again.

If it is time to develop a vaccine the process involves an incredibly weaker dosage of the illness that your body is expected to be fighting. This is why people with lower immune systems are unable to get certain vaccines.

The vaccination is given to the body to give it the possibility of fighting the disease. The infection that is infected into our body is much smaller than the virus itself However, it does teach our immune system precisely what it should know. The immune system keeps all the details it has to know about the disease, in the event that it should ever return.