Understanding the 3 Wire Digital Hall Effect Sensor – Tech Talk Radio Show


their performance, the better you’ll be able to manage your equipment.

Pull-down Sensor Design

Three terminals comprise the hall effect current sensor consisting of a ground terminal and one supply terminal. The signal wire terminal is the other. In addition, it’s binary. Its output may be one or more voltages coming into the sensor. A pull-down design-current sensor will have a resistor wire between the input signal and the power terminal. It is able to detect and display the current that is generated, until it is blocked, that causes the wire to pull down. This will result in a display of zero signal.

Pull up Sensor Concept

The wire that is the resistor of an electronic current sensor with an inverse pull-up circuit is located between the grounding and signal wire. A pull-down resistor is the term used to describe this type of resistor. The current sensor for a pull-up is thus zero volts until its electromagnetic field is stopped. This sensor will then relay this information to the computer to make the most informed decision.