Tornado Spotter Gets Up Close to a Dangerous Tornado – Entertainment Videos

They are an amazing phenomenon. The most captivating aspect of wind-driven swirls is the manner in which they effortlessly throw objects in the air. The good news is that most people do not have to ever see the devastating effects of these storms. But, there are tornado spotters equipped to detect them in the case of an emergency. Their role is to communicate the location of the tornado to the authorities so that they are able to issue a tornado warning. In the video below it is the spotter who is following an unexpected tornado after it happens.

The clip begins with a person riding his vehicle following a tornado. The goal is to get close enough to be able to see it but remain some distance away so that you can remain secured. It continues to demolish all it touches. We can only say that a few customers will require calling their local roofer afterwards. The situation seems to be running well for the spotter of 14 years, until the storm suddenly changes direction. The man is forced to quickly U-turn and head towards the opposite direction. Fortunately, he was able to escape safely.