The Basics of Sausage Casings – Healthy Lunches

Even though you can form the sausage loose into patties and enjoy eating it this method, you’ll not get the full sausage experience without stuffing it into sausage casings. Sausage casings make sure your final product is homogenous in size, which ensures that it cooks evenly. They also keep the sausage and allow people to enjoy it on a bun or slice it into rounds. The video discusses why it is important to use casings for sausages and how to choose from different casings for sausages. Home cooks are typically in a position to locate collagen and natural casings. Cellulose casings cannot be eaten, but they will keep the sausages in good condition throughout any type of cooking process. They are marked around the outside of them, which means you won’t have to think whether you’ll serve them to guests. If you’re eager to step up the ante in your kitchen, you should consider getting a sausage stuffer, and different sausage casings that you can experiment with. zxorwa6aux.