Revealing a Day in the Life of an OBGYN – News Health

Ospital falls fall on one of two things: the obstetrics or night rotation.

The obstetrics rotation begins around 7 am and will end at 5:30 pm. Check-in starts at 7am. The staff of the night rotation then sends in the reports. They keep track of the patients and also perform pre- and post-ops. If there are any surgeries, they prepare the patients, and they also address post-partum issues that occur among the patients. After finishing ward rounds they write the sign-out report by 5:45pm. They then hand it to specialists for night rounds at 5:45.

The night round begins at 5:30 pm and can be one of the busiest. Residents have more time to be trained prior to receiving this shift. It has the most amount of facilities. Two residents, a senior and junior handle the night round. In the same way that junior residents are responsible for low-risk cases and seniors deal with cases who are more dangerous Both have to manage cases with high-risk. In the sign-out process, reports are reviewed prior to the shift starts. They carry out major surgery as well as C-sections, post-partum, and monitoring. They create and then submit an official report at the conclusion. ni3id37wgb.