Optometrists Who Are They and What Do They Do? – Séadhin

Assess examine the eyes’ health and make diagnosis and prescriptions in the event of there being a problem. An example appointment of an optometrist could help you learn more about the function.

Optometrist appointments start off similarly to appointments for other doctors and consist of simple questions about general health, and the evaluation of your vital signs. Optometrists may ask you whether you have any eye problems or if corrective lenses are worn.

For testing your eye sight and co-ordination, optometrists use different types of devices and tests. It will allow them to assess whether you might require glasses or adjustments to your the prescription.

Optometrists can prescribe and craft your eyeglasses, or order a prescription of contact lenses. You can also be checked for eye conditions such as cataracts, diabetes, or diabetes. They can refer you to other specialists for more acute concerns.

Now you have some idea of what an optometrist does and you should make an appointment to have eyes examined!