Need To Check Up on the Latest Obits? The D and C Has Them

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When is the last time you stopped to read the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle obits? Or the Sports section? Or how about the local news? If it has been a while, you should certainly check out the Democrat and Chronicle again. You may find yourself impressed with what you see.

  • Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Obituaries
  • On the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle obits web page, you have plenty of things to explore and narrow your search. There is a spotlight section for obituaries of famous and influential people of Rochester. There is a section where you can choose the date that the obituary was printed. You can sort by obituary, in memoriam, or other notices. You can even look at famous people of note in history who passed on that date in Rochester.

  • Sports
  • I am personally a fan of the Democrat and Chronicle sports coverage. They have an easy-to-navigate sidebar on the left to direct you wherever you need to go for your desired athletic news. It starts with high school sports, then you can choose to see any and all Buffalo Bills news. After that is a link to Pro Hockey and Pro Soccer, a specific Red Wings page, and then one dedicated solely to Rochester college athletics. It covers everything anyone in Rochester could ever want when it comes to sports, and does a fine and thorough job of it.

  • Local
  • Rochester NY local news is also super important, and well-represented in the Democrat and Chronicle. When you go straight to the front page of the website, you get all of the local news that is happening at the moment. Honestly, that is one of the things that sets the D and C apart from all of the rest. You can tell that they genuinely put an effort into providing some of the best local news coverage around. They put as much energy into local as most major news stations do their national news, more than most in some cases.

Whether you are looking for specific Rochester Democrat and Chronicle obits, the score for the basketball game last night, or you just want to know what is going on locally, you get it all from the D and C. Pick up a daily copy or just head on over to their website. You will not need news from another source again.