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if don’t take care of the teeth you have, then they are at risk of becoming damaged. It is why preventive dental hygiene is vital. The accumulation of plaque can affect your teeth over time. If you don’t clean your teeth often, this can lead to plaque buildup. It is really a biofilm that safeguards your immune system against the bacteria beneath. It is therefore necessary to get rid of it by yourself. This video will teach you ways to remove plaque and keep it from becoming a problem for your teeth.

The majority of people aren’t aware the body makes its own hydrogen peroxide and certain chemicals that are found in baking soda. The chemicals used in baking soda are employed to get rid of plaque as well as dangerous bacteria. It is usually not sufficient for this task. So, it is possible to make your own mixture to scrub your teeth prior to going to bed. The ideal mixture would comprise one quarter teaspoon baking soda and 33 percent hydrogen peroxide. Mix it together with half a cup of water. This can be applied as a mix on your teeth, after cleaning your teeth as normal. It will dissolve the biofilm and eliminate the bacteria prior to they can cause damage to your mouth.