How Is Liquid and Gas Flow Measured? – E-Library


The industries that they serve require the most advanced equipment to evaluate every aspect of their operation. This is necessary for workers’ safety and to increase efficiency. This is done using an instrument called a flow meter. This is the way a flow meter operates.

The flowmeter measure the volume of gas, liquid or vapor that flows through conduits and pipes. There are a variety of flow meters. A flowmeter that is made of paddlewheels is one common type. When liquids pass through the pipe used in this kind of device this causes the wheel to turn. The fluid moves through the pipe and magnets pass a sensor. The sensor causes the device to emit electrical signals proportional to the flow rate.

Variable-area flow meters are yet another kind of. This type of meter includes a float that changes position when the flow is opened to allow a wider area for the liquid, gas, or vapor to move through. It offers a simple visual indication of flow rates.

Paddlewheel flow meters as well as variable area flow meters aren’t only types of flow meters which exist. Other types are available too, such as ultrasonic doppler flow meters, and positive displacement flow meters. Try different flow meters until you find the best one for you.