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Getting a Hotel in Rochester

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If you are looking for a hotel in Rochester then you are in luck! There are hotels in Rochester that many people would love to stay at! Similar to the Statler Hotel in Buffalo, NY which was built in 1904 as the first hotel with actual running water, the hotels in rochester ny are typically thought to be the cream of the crop when trying to find a good hotel in Rochester. There is no such thing as one hotel in Rochester as being better than the other, since after all they are high quality. The hotels rochester has are not like Vegas hotels where there are evidently more hotels than any other city in the world. The Rochester NY hotels tend to keep up a certain level of class; and despite the fact that as national statistics prove that more than ten percent of room service silverware and other amenities never get returned, we are finding that no matter what hotel in Rochester you stay at, you will never be shorted anything because of this. It is not like in medieval times when a survey by Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine noted the disappearance of a medieval sword, door, hinges, and a four foot wooden bear! Rochester NY hotels have much more pride in themselves than that! While even the largest pool in the world that can hold up to six hundred pools within it is not in Rochester, it does not negate that a hotel in Rochester is still very nice!