Fire Protection for Commercial Facilities – Sky Business News

What exactly is in these systems and how does they function? The Youtube channel Convergence Training by Vector Solutions, provides a quick and straightforward demonstration of what goes into commercial facilities solutions when addressing the threat of potential fires.

To limit the spread of smoke or fire in a building, special materials are required to be installed in the gaps where conduits, wires and ducts move. The entire system is what’s called”a “fire preventer system.”

The pipes’ openings are filled with specially-designed mineral wool insulation and then sealed off using either caulk or graphite sealant. The caulk sealant typically is a quarter of an inch thick.

In ducts, another type of material called”wrap strap” is used “wrap strap” is affixed to every opening in the duct. The straps are one-and-a-half inches wide, and have clear plastic films along their sides, and are secured to the wall or duct with the foil of two sheets.

Other openings like those used that are used for conduits, are stuffed with “fire barriers” pillows. This prevents fire from penetrating ceilings and walls. 47klfu9z62.