Check Out These 5 Facts Before Considering an Employment Agency! – Loyalty Driver

How do they operate? This is the question that’s answered in this instructional video. as how to detect fraudulent companies. Employment/temp agencies are a company contracted to hire employees for other businesses. They’re in charge of connecting qualified candidates to open positions within the companies which they’ve contracted. The agencies are used by job-seekers similarly to all other employers. Be aware that while an employee may report to an employer, in reality, they’ll work for the agency that is temporary. Benefits and wages will thus be covered through the agency.

If an employee completes their time and has completed their term, the agency may place them in another position, although this may not be guaranteed. Employment agencies don’t charge temp employees. Instead, they are paid by the company that contracts with them. If they ask for payments for placement then they’re most likely fraudulent. Be cautious of agencies for employment with offers that are too attractive to resist.