Breast Reduction Recovery – Nutrition Magazine

The breasts. The process of recovery can differ from one person to another, but here’s what to expect.
Pain and Swelling

Some pain and swelling are normal after removal of breasts. Follow your surgeon’s directions for medications for pain. It’s essential to avoid taking supplements or prescription drugs that may affect blood the clotting.

In a surgical Bra

In order to reduce swelling and strengthen your breasts, your doctor may recommend you wear a bra during the initial weeks after surgery.

Retire , and avoid any activities

In order to allow your body to heal to heal, it is essential to take a break for the first week after surgery. Gradually increasing your activity level as you feel able is generally advised.

Follow-up Treatment

Your surgeon will likely schedule periodic follow-up visits to assess your recovery and also to take out any drainage or stitches. It’s important to attend the scheduled appointments. It could take weeks or months to allow the swelling to diminish and for the final results of the procedure to become apparent.