Bail Bonds and How They Work – Quotes On Education

The majority of people cannot be able to pay for bail. The famous Youtube channel Kely Talks Money looks at the bail bond process.

Bail bonds are similar to an installment loan. Instead of getting the credit from a bank you obtain it from an agency for bail bonds. The agency is able to pay for your bond completely, which means you are exiled from the jail. The bail bond agency is then repaid. In the end, you pay more than the bail amount, because the agency will charge fees, which amounts to around 10% of the bail amount.

A bail bond agent is not just a bail bond agent who posts bail on your behalf, but makes sure that you get in court on time for the dates of your trial. Bail bond agents have the right to enter your residence, detain your identity into custody and bring you before you appear in court. Bail bond agencies lose money if you fail to settle your bail. They are interested in being sure that you are present at your court dates. The bail bond agency could sue the bail bond company in civil courts. qffs6hqkbb.