Are Invisalign Braces Right for You? – Dental Hygiene Association


Smile and show off your teeth. There are many people who choose to get their teeth straightened with the invisible alignment device. There is a chance that you’re interested in the price of aligners that are clear to treat dental issues. The treatment of aligners is usually cheaper than traditional braces.

You’ll need to snap your own pictures of Invisalign in order to obtain the photographs before the treatment. These before pictures can be taken by an orthodontic professional if you have Invisalign. These can be helpful afterward so that you will be able to observe the dramatic change wearers of the aligners have made to your smile. It is sometimes difficult to determine the difference without pictures.

Getting Invisalign involves taking the impressions of your teeth to ensure that clear aligner trays are made. These are your trays that can be put to your teeth through the entire process. Aligner trays apply pressure to your teeth constantly so they can move into an improved position. They can be slightly uncomfortable than braces. Even so, you might feel some tension when wearing the aligner trays. These can take you less time than braces.