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Linging is the process of connecting of two metal parts in a single piece. This food grade stainless fabrication technique is employed for joining pipes, tubes tanks, as well as various other kinds of equipment that have to be joined in order to form one unit. This method can be used to join tubing and pipes with different materials, like aluminum, stainless steel, or copper.
The process for welding sanitary tubes involves heating the one side of the pipe until it is soft enough to allow the melting material to flow into the joint area. The first step is to take both ends off the pipe or tube. Next, you need to remove dirt and polish the tube or pipe with sandpaper. Following this, put an even layer of flux onto the outside of the pipe. This helps in removing particles of impurity from the metals to be welded. Place a little bit of the rod that is used to fill the pipe into each pipe. Once the filler rod has been placedin the pipe, you can begin to heat the pipe’s end pipe using an oxyacetylene torch. Once the pipe is at the proper temperature, put the rod gradually into the pipe. rutfg189hc.