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It also prevented major destruction to U.S. properties. Homes didn’t have to be equipped with fire sprinklers up until the year 2009. It was changed when the implementation in the International Residential Code in 2009. This YouTube film “Fire Sprinkler Systems Explained” emphasizes its importance to ensure safety. Certain areas in the country have a higher risk of wildfires. The changing climate has made this extremely important. California’s building codes mandate that every house has a fire-resistant sprinkler.
Why are Fire Sprinklers Instigated?

When temperatures exceed 135 degrees Fahrenheit, they activate a fire sprinkler. There’s only one thing that sets it off. The fire that ignites causes air to heat up when it is above. The heated air eventually rises until it reaches the ceiling. The hot air gets in contact with the sprinkler , and triggers it.

It’s a vital fact regarding fire sprinklers. The fire sprinkler won’t respond to high temperatures. Smoke, or fire alarms will not activate it. The alarm won’t be activated until the fire is at the point of reaching the sprinkler. The sprinkler won’t activate when a fire has been burning for more than. Businesses that are experts in fire sprinklers will check a house to set up sprinklers where they are needed.