Propane Safety 101 – Maine’s Finest

to know how to ensure that you keep yourself and your family secure. Perhaps you’re planning to store the tank, or enjoying the barbecue but remember to keep at hand the dangers associated with faulty propane tanks. The video explains how to ensure the safety of your propane tank.

First, always ensure that your propane tanks are kept outside. It is not advisable to bring propane tanks into your home. Do not take them in, even if it is for a minor inspection. Make sure your propane tank is in it’s standing position at all times. Tanks of propane contain an extremely dangerous gas, propane vapor. You must immediately call 911 if you smell eggs that are rotten or believe that your propane tank is open. The gas could be explosive, and not something you should ignore. You should also check all tanks regularly for leaks using soapy water. Don’t ever make use of tanks if there are leaks. When handling propane, make certain to be safe!