Dealing With the Side Effects of Common Testosterone Medications – Free Health Videos


You may also experience physical effects like an increase in muscles or other side effects of mmon testosterone medications. Before you take any action be sure to consult your doctor.

A second important point to know about testosterone therapy is the possible side effects of hormone treatments. Talk to your doctor when you are experiencing any side negative effects from testosterone therapy.

Low testosterone may cause Infertility and fatigue. Treatment for testosterone is common to treat these issues. These conditions do not pose a threat to life and need hours of treatment.

A few people are taking testosterone to boost their athletic performance. However, this is illegal if your age is less than 18 years old. It is recommended to consult with your physician if you’ve been using testosterone medication for a long duration.

It is possible that your body will be resistant to testosterone medication when you consume it for a lengthy period of time. The body might stop responding to treatment if this happens. In such a situation, you’ll need to increase the dosage, or even take the hormone in other areas in your body.

The common testosterone side effects tend to diminish or disappear on the other hand if you quit taking the hormone. If they continue to occur despite quitting the hormone, you must visit your doctor to seek medical treatment.

There are times when you’ll need cosmetic eyelid surgery to correct any physical issues that medication might cause in your eye. The side effects of these medications aren’t simple to correct. It may take years before you get the outcomes you desire.

The body has also the capacity of producing more red blood cells through common testosterone drugs. The hemoglobin levels in your body will rise, making you look more red. To stay clear of any negative side consequences, talk to your physician.