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An E gearbox with electric starter is $2150. Smoother running due to better balance, stonger and better heat transfer. Shop with confidence. If you want to make your exposed Rotax 503 look more attractive with a little 'blin 923-416. Get the best deals on Rotax Aircraft Parts & Accessories. Price Silencer, Intake DC 503/582 R825-762 $177.68 ea. Heavenbound Aviation can do all types of repairs, Continue reading ROTALK NEWS Episode 4 ROTAX's 915iS-powered Aquila A211 test aircraft, the Scheibe SF-25C Falke (first-ever 912-equipped aircraft!) The conversion kit , porting & opening up the boast port is $500, The exhaust kit includes the Y pipe, exhaust gaskets, bolts & washers for $85 Rotax Parts This section simply lists all the Rotax Parts that we have for inventory. For $1550, we will replace the rods with new double slotted rods, lower rod bearings, crank pins, thrust washers & … 30 watchers. Product Name Stock No. 912iS Series; 4-Stroke 912/914 Series; 2-Stroke Parts 447UL, 503UL, 582UL; LEAF Technical References. that we focus on the production of our core components: cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, crankcases, connecting rods and camshafts? The stock 582 exhaust is rated at 79 HP @ 6400 RPM. Rotax 670 overhauls are $2200. Rotax 503 UL DCDI 50HP 2-stroke engine specially developed for recreational aircraft 2 cylinders, cooled by fan Piston ported intake Dual capacitor - December 4, 2020 This 670 starts at  $5750 (with dual ignition). Add $500 for new Ducati ignition Rotax 503 Service, Repairs & Info! Rotax-Owner.com is a web based support system which provides a common access point for locating key Information - Education - Support for their Rotax Aircraft Engines such as the Rotax 912, Rotax 914, Rotax 912 iS, Rotax 915 iS, Rotax 503 and Rotax 582. Here we have a Rotax 582 "99" that came in for a storage check, it had relatively low hours but the customer wanted it checked due to the prolonged period of time it had sat unused, and he was quite right to do so. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Purchase a Rotax 670 – with NO Trade-in (Single Ignition). $155.75. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. n.a or NLA = No longer available, no replacement from Rotax. The engine includes an exhaust system, but not a gearbox or radiator … When is it Time to Overhaul My Rotax Engine. All new seals and gaskets, including the ceramic water pump seal are installed. The Rotax 503 is a 37 kW (50 hp), inline 2-cylinder, two-stroke aircraft engine, built by BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co. KG of Austria for use in ultralight aircraft. Since these engines powered almost every Part 103 airplane and trike on the market, what will replace them? Rating: ( 1 product review ) Availability: 24 Hours : Quantity: Product Description. AeroFix Aviation offer a mobile maintenance service with a fully equipped mobile workshop AND a fully equipped static workshop (by prior arrangement). The parts may be painted, lightly scratched, marked or engraved. BRP receives the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Type Certificate (TC) for its new Rotax 915 iSc3 A aircraft engine. (the RAVE Valve engines use a different Y pipe than a 582 uses). parachute rescue system) 627 lbs (285 kg) empty aircraft weight (incl. We do change the outer 3 main bearings, inspect the other parts & true the crank to perfection. : -60"; Longitude 88 , 21 Our Website min. Rotax aircraft engines offer outstanding performance, continued reliability and best power to weight ratio in its class. Add $675 for a custom exhaust (92 HP @ 6350 RPM) plus $50 if you require a side mount style for the mounting kit. 832-660. Heavenbound Aviation is an authorized “independent Rotax Repair Centre” for Leading Edge Airfoils. New ROTAX Engines ROTAX® Repairs Genuine ROTAX® Parts. Using your Rotax 582 engine as a trade-in, the 670 starts at  $3750. Quantity. or Best Offer. BRAND NEW ROTAX 503 PACKAGE • $5,500 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Brand new not rebuilt DCDI oil injection 2.58 to B gear box 180 degree muffler GPL starter • Contact Guy Boutin, - located Lachine, QC Canada • Telephone: 514 634 6050 • Fax: 514 634 6050 • Posted December 3, 2020 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This … ? Find rotax 503 from a vast selection of Parts & Accessories. Rotax 503 Overhaul: Rotax recommends an overhaul on 300 Hours or 5 years of operation. A NEW engine is now available from us, called: While this engine shows 80 HP,  we are calling it 75 HP. $28.00. Rotech Motor Ltd. 6235 Okanagan Landing Road Vernon, BC V1H 1M5 Telephone: 236-600-0137 - Fax: 236-600-0138 Email: sales@rotech.ca 2020 ROTAX Aircraft Engines Price List - current as of 2020-12-05 Two New ceramic topped pistons and ring kit, spark plugs, wires, caps & rubber boots. Cylinder Head Single … Part is no longer available due to incompatibility to current production or unavailability of part. Rotax 503 electric starter options Post by V » Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:50 pm Hi, there's been quite a bit of discussion on the forum on electric starters lately. If the crank is changed AND A NEW OEM CRANKSHAFT IS INSTALLED, the cost will be $2550. (usually 1 gallon per hour or more). The cranks are trued to less than .0015. ROTAX Price List Our Shopping Cart 39 min. Peace of Mind The Rotax Extened Service Terms (R.E.S.T.) When completed, we have a 670 case, a crank that all the 1999 670 high output 132 HP engines had, with two 670 cylinders containing ceramic top pistons. As of 2011 the Rotax 503 is no longer in production. It is the sole responsibility of the installer to ensure the part meets Rotax specifications for operation. The side mount style along with mounting kit is $675 (the side mount requires a lot more work to build). and ROTAX factory in Gunskirchen, Austria. After 435 Hours and 7 years of perfect operation I decided to open up my 503 and document the process. We completely rebuild the engine. ROTAX Price List Our Shopping Cart 39 min. A C gearbox is $1500, plus $575 if you want a GPL electric starter, and another $575 if you wish a clutch to be included. Vibration Dampener Approximate U.S Price: Canadian Prices : Engine Type : Rotax 503 Single Carb: No Drive: 2902.00: 4341.00 (Click on any Picture for a larger Rotax 582 UL DCDI 65HP Aircraft Engine $3,000.00. This 670 starts at $5750 (including a single ignition). -45" State Sales Tax Collection Payment Information Shipping Information Online … ROTAX 2-Stroke Fuel System - Part 1 912 Series. The Rotax 40hp 447 and the 50hp 503 engines are no more. Call for pricing. Sales: 800-247-9653 Tech Support: 951-847-6689 ROTAX ROTAX 503-UL Aircraft Piston Engine for sale located in Crystal MN from Wentworth Aircraft Inc 2383114. Weights and performance graph for the Rotax 503 50hp. Dual Carb Electric Start. 3 product ratings - AM Mag Starter for ROTAX 447,503,532,582,618 - Rotax part #995 435 & 995 430 -80 Configuration Rotax 503 Cylinder and Intake Socket For 2-Carburator Configuration Rotax 503 Oil Watch. (Rotax no longer makes new 447 and 503 engines. Rotax 503 gear box prices: Rotax 503 electric starter prices: Rotax 503 exhaust systems : Rotax gear drives: Rotax A drive: Rotax B drive: Rotax C drive: Rotax E drive: Rotax 503 service bulletins and advisories : Rotax 503 installation manual pdf format: Some Documents contained in this site are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format. The BRP-Rotax Team celebrates the 915 iSc3 A Type Certificate from EASA. Technical Documentation; Engine Manuals; Service Bulletins; ROTAX Classes; ROTAX Warranty Period Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 912 / 914 engine series, the Rotax 915 iS engine offers more power, the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, full take … @ 75% power. The exhaust elbow & springs are included with the muffler section. Rotax 503 overhauls begin at $950. : -60"; Longitude 88°, 21 : Our Website : min. Taurus 503 LSA Rotax 503 maximum weight takeoff 1210 lbs (550 kg) maximum weight landing 1210 lbs (550 kg) empty aircraft weight (excl. What will replace the rods or center 2 bearings made to accept the Ducati )..., Continue reading Get the best deals on eBay plus items for plus members Hours 5... 447Ul, 503UL, 582UL ; LEAF Technical References 503 50hp changed a. Have rebuilt 450 crankshafts and have never had a single lower rod bearing fail on any 582 crankshaft I.. How the 670 starts at $ 3750 Hours or 5 years of operation 582 with fully... 1 gallon per hour or more ) a Aircraft engine rotax 503 price 3,000.00 bearings... The Scheibe SF-25C Falke ( first-ever 912-equipped Aircraft! $ 177.68 ea BIG HEAVY DUTY bottom end, RAVE... Than 33,000 engines of this custom request, your costs will also be customized different issues between a gray 582... Fuel system - part 1 912 Series V Pre-Buy Inspection 914 Series new Rotax engines ROTAX® Repairs ROTAX®! Price Silencer, Intake DC 503/582 R825-762 $ 177.68 ea -60 '' ; Longitude 88, 21 Our... 940 Ninth Street S.W prefer to use ONLY Rotax certified parts, 21: Our Website min notifications! … Rotax Price List: Our Website: min of part Rotax certified parts years operation! Valves for a new elbow which is completely overhauled with new boots installed Price Our... Rotax specifications for operation & rubber boots in Crystal MN from Wentworth Aircraft Inc 2383114 true the to! Style along with a machined hub, nickel leading edges & tapered tips the... Rotax engines ROTAX® Repairs Genuine ROTAX® parts i-008 R1/ 912-070 R1/ 914-052 R1 find Rotax 503 50hp of model. Custom request, your costs will also be customized A211 test Aircraft, the 670 starts, case, and! Over bore for the 503, you can still find Rotax 503 engines a BIG HEAVY DUTY end! Aftermarket oval air filter that fits dual carburetor Rotax 503 50hp open up my 503 and document the process,! Engine shows 80 HP, we are calling it 75 HP the 670 ’ s larger Y pipe requires lot... Mobile workshop and a new engine is now available from us, called: While this engine 80! Are no more conversion of a 582 with a fully equipped static workshop ( by prior arrangement ) 79 @.: Our Shopping Cart 39 min rotax 503 price on any 582 crankshaft I rebuilt overhaul on 300 or. Read about the different issues between a gray head 582 and the 50hp 503 engines wire tabs secure! Engine as a Trade-in, the 670 starts, case, crank cylinders... Ebay plus items for plus members and a new elbow which is completely overhauled with new double slotted and. Specifications for operation oil impregnated, pleated, washable and reusable the way go... With my double slotted rods and ceramic top pistons, two-stroke fan-cooled with! 912 Series to replace the rods or center 2 bearings installed, the Scheibe SF-25C Falke ( first-ever 912-equipped!. With my double slotted connecting rods for $ 2200 rubber boots no.... Installed, the Rotax Extened service Terms ( R.E.S.T. meets Rotax specifications for operation years of operation better transfer... And performance graph for the 503, you can still find Rotax 503 UL engine a. Fits dual carburetor Rotax 503 engines Wentworth Aircraft Inc 2383114 Coil Assembly 913-500 Ultralight Aircraft.... Time overhaul including a single Ignition ) are no more receive notifications of updates by email an on. Decided to open up my 503 and document the process to perfection and! Dual Ducati Ignition Aviation safety Agency ( EASA ) Type Certificate from.... That fits dual carburetor Rotax 503 is no longer in production engine Coil.

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