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(It should be noted that these suckers have such a gloriously trashy 1960’s vibe to them, just like Hound Dog Taylor’s guitars.) I have a Lava Retro-coil cable and a Monster Jazz cable I could try out. This pickup has legitimately hit the sweet spot between 'hot rod excitement' and musicality. All this while retaining the detail and depth you expect from a Lollar pickup. $3.49 shipping. If you have an inductance and a capacitance interacting directly, you get a peak. ", "I asked curtis to come up with a lipstick for the middle and a stealth neck humbucker for my missingmen guitarman tom watson's jazzmaster. However, I apparently do this more on my P-90-equipped guitars (where the cleans are sweet & ringing). I had the experience, though not with a FF, but with my Cult pedal, which like the FF, relies on the capacitive relationship between guitar and amp. I used a 3.5 metre Fender cloth covered instrument cable for my testing so far. For complete information about the cookies we use, data we collect and how we process them, please check our, "I didn't even want to say because I love them so much that I don't want everyone to have em..! Other than that there is not much to say! ... Teisco Del Rey-style "Gold Foil" Clip-in Magnetic Sound Hole Pickup w Amp Cord. On the Partscaster, I don’t think I ever noticed because the Gold Foil there is on the neck, where if I engage usually have/want a higher-gain, non-clean situation going. If the peak with the volume at maximum is particularly strong (if you are using a long high capacitance cable) then there can be particularly noticeable change in the sound when you back off the volume just a little from maximum. If you are using our Services via a browser you can restrict, block or remove cookies through your web browser settings. The gold is long gone, but the WP&Y has survived to this day. The pickups have metal base plates and top covers. The White Pass & Yukon Railroad was built to carry prospectors from Skagway into the inhospitable interior. This would mean that a Gold Foil should have a relatively low inductance and measurements of the Lollar Gold foils show that it is on the low side, around 1.9H (typical Strat single coils are 3H and above). When plugged in to a Fuzz Face or similar then any guitar / pickup is heavily loaded by the low impedance of the Fuzz Face input. I have found this extremely useful both clean and with gain devices, as it improves the gold foil’s articulation. These at least are my initial thoughts. I recently reviewed one of the bitchin’ new Supro guitars for Premier Guitar. It could well be that the Gold Foils on that guitar slightly emphasize or deemphasize certain harmonics and the debugger’s algorithm decided to notch that note out. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. Our Gold Foil is a single coil pickup with unusual clarity and power. It just doesn’t work very well with these pickups. Humbucking Tokyo Sound Lab Gold Foil pickup. This doesn’t normally apply to guitars with active circuitry. GOLD FOILS- Based upon the familiar Strat, Tele, Humbucker and P90 Styles you know and love. before I gave it to Mark Knopfler in the late 80’s, I took one apart to see, and it is very similar to the construction of a gold foil, albeit higher quality and a bigger coil. For musical feedback its up in the wizard area! When it comes to gold foil pickups, the archetypal image typically conjured by many guitarists is a DeArmond-loaded Harmony guitar such as a Stratotone or a Meteor. (I had played Teiscos with original GFs but didn’t play clean ever – I get too garagiste excited!) I fitted the pickup with the existing 250K controls and 0.022uF tone cap and I did notice that the tone control didn’t have much effect on the Gold Foil and I only started to get a little treble roll off at the extreme anti-clockwise of the tone control. He says strips torn from D’Addario string packets give the best tone . Rubber magnets aren’t that different from ceramic magnets. Gold Foil Bucker This is a true humbucker. All rights reserved. I was hoping YOU would explain it for everyone, man! Check … When volume is low then the pickup itself is less loaded. The C. B. Gitty Gold Foil acoustic pickup is one of the most versatile and easiest magnetic pickups to mod for cigar box guitars. I’m a little hesitant to make pronouncements here after blowing lots of theoretical BS smoke over the years, the kind that I instantly regret. You can wind the volume back up for solos or whenever you want that bold, slightly blown-out character the pickup is famous for. Next this rubber magnet is exposed to movements like the vibrations of the strings, guitar pick, any movement of your body. Lowrider Gold Foil Standard w/ cloth cable Just installed my Victory Gold Foil in my Gretsch 9220 dobro ( Fishman Nashville pickup). Not only do you encounter the same thing with many non-buffered (i.e., cool) fuzzes and boosters, but also when plugging directly into an overdriven amp. Thanks, Curtis! If that dielectric (rubber magnet) has those microscopic movements it may become a sort of tiny condenser mic that’s just my beginning theory. I have simulated the guitar pickup driving a Fuzz Face in LTSpice. Expect crystal clear top end with lots of in-your-face harmonic overtones, plus a wide dynamic range that can make your tube amp give up the dirt. As a result the comb filtering effect of harmonic cancellation and reinforcement from that wider window accounts for the warm bass with high presence response of this pickup. It’s the quality you hear in the first minute of my Cult pedal demo: You just can’t do that with gold foils. I think this orientation of the field and perhaps the lack of induced eddy currents in the non-conductive magnet is responsible for the pickups dynamic response. Color: Gold. I’ll plug in a buffer and see what happens …. Hit us up here! So when inserted in a coil the inductance of the coil goes up. I do use my volume knob expressively often – especially because I use a Fuzz Face as a significant part of my pedalboard, which I’ve found is really built for this approach (Sam McCrae actually instructed me to dime the FF & adjust the amount of distorted tone with the volume knob. Since establishing itself as a serious sound maker, the Gold Foil has become one of Lollar Pickup’s top sellers. Also consider that the windings are around a rubber not metal magnet so the capacitance maybe very different. Okay, the funky gold foil pickups found in cheapo Japanese and American gutiars in the 1950s and ’60s are popular again. If you can break away from whatever preconceptions you might have about gold foil pickups and listen with a discerning ear, I’m … You can pretty much use any kind of cable you like with an active pre-amp equipped guitar (or bass). Useful! Items * * Foil Color : Qty: Sort Name. But despite all of that, I’m still crazy for the Lollar Gold Foils in my DIY Resistocaster: Has anyone else noticed this quirky characteristic? I have just received a Lollar gold foil pickup in the poet today and I’m about to fit it to a Fender TC90 Thinline guitar. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So what the *&@#$(!$*& is the model for a gold foil pickup? OK so I have the Lollar Gold Foil neck pickup installed in a Fender TC90 Thinline. Mojotone Gold Foil Pickups. However it shouldn’t make any difference what the pickup is, this behavior should occur with any pickup. - six power pickups - electronic sound: - steam chuffs - bell and whistle sounds - volume control - remote control of sound features (with Multi-Train System) - voltage stabilization circuit - smoke generator - automatic directional lanterns - one multi-purpose socket with circuit breaker - length: 565 mm (22.2 in) - weight: 4000 g (8.8 lb) In the case of ceramic magnets it’s iron oxide and strontium carbonate fused into a hard ceramic material that’s called Ferrite. Gold Foil Pickup Gold foils actually use rubber magnets, like thicker versions of those holding up the family photos on your fridge. For me, this is where it’s at. This sits on top of a metal plate (I believe it is a nickel plated steel plate) which extends past the coil on one long edge and has a fold in it. Huh! REVEL CUSTOM PICKUPS Custom, Boutique Guitar Pickups Hand Made & Hand Wound Minneapolis, MN. ones. Just found this thread and thought I’d contribute my own observations. Humbuckers utilize conventional metal covers and thin brass baseplates.These all have the Crystalline Foil sound with a … Gold foil pickups can come in single coil or humbucker versions, and are noted for their smooth, super clear, and bright high end sounds (funny, considering their humble beginnings on 60’s and 70’s foreign made student guitars). So Ace, are you, like Joe, talking about your guitars volume control behavior with a Fuzz Face style pedal, or are you saying that in general your volume control doesn’t produce a smooth change in volume with the gold foil pickup? Gain drops off very rapidly as the control is turned down. I haven’t encountered that issue, but it’s not surprising. U.S.A. Every Revel Custom pickup is made by me, by hand, one at a time from the finest materials available. To say that “rubber magnet pickups are just different” is all a bit vague and doesn’t really explain anything. While the sound of each neck pickup differs depending on the magnet grade, wire type and number of winds, I handwind every Revel Tele neck pickup in a … Thanks for more smart insights, Mark! Learn how your comment data is processed. With a typical Strat pickup the inductance of the pickup, combined mostly with the capacitance of the instrument cable (into a 1Meg load) results in a resonant peak of at least 3 or 4db at around 4kHz with the volume at max. You can’t summon clean sounds from a dirty amp via the guitar volume knob the way you can with most conventional passive pickups. They are both measured in ohms. In contrast, the pickup pickup resonance peaks I have been talking about are all in the high to high mids range. Gold Foil: GTX-HMB $ 165.00. Sort Price. We hand-build pickups for guitar, bass, and anything else you may need a pickup for. Rubber has it’s own set hysteresis curves related to the expansion and contraction of rubber as well as a magnetic hysteresis. Checked frets and all………..the problem completely disappeared when I turned off my EHX Hum Debugger, which had NEVER had that effect on any other guitar in the two years I’ve been using it…………but none of them had gold foils!?!? This is more about pickup impedance than normal people can handle: https://courses.physics.illinois.edu/phys406/Lab_Handouts/Electric_Guitar_Pickup_Measurements.pdf. The change in capacitance between various instrument cable types and lengths is what causes people to say a particular cable has a ‘sound’ of its own. Apparently, the rubber magnets in gold foil have a different capacitive relationship with downstream gear, relative to conventional alnico- and ceramic-magnet pickups. Although of course you might actually be liking the effect of the lower larger peak produced with volume at max and the capacitance of whatever cable you use. I tested this on my Gold Foil-equipped Partscaster – & you’re completely right! All this while retaining the detail and depth you expect from a Lollar pickup. As far as I know the main difference between ceramic and rubber magnets is that, because rubber magnets use a relatively large amount of non-magnetic binder in their composition in order to remain rubbery, they make quite weak magnets. The "gold foil" and 2000 models. If you aren’t interesting in making your own, this one is real good: You can spend a lot more on a Fuzz Face, but I recommend you don’t. This is audible as a change in the frequency and level of the resonant peak formed by the cable capacitance and the inductance of the pickup. I dig the (hehe) treble bleed mod and use it often. I would like to get one. Nickel cover only. Type: Soundhole Pickup. Umm.. well I found a YuoTube clip of that track he’s playing for Fender and it sounds to me that he has the bass turned up quite a bit and there is some distortion / clipping going on in the low end, which may even be the loudspeaker/s breaking up. Some of the peaky, high-resonance sound you get when rolling back the volume knob on a guitar with gold foils are pretty cool, and I can certainly imagine using them. :),

. Sound Better, Play Better... Handcrafted in North Carolina with superior quality, detail, and tone. Silver foil is also an option for those who don't want gold. Guitar Pickups. I first realized this as I was preparing my Gore Pedals demo for the NAMM show. 1 second ago See all of our Gold Foil pickups … (And add it if I don’t.). Thanks for sharing that info, Red! So the LC frequency response of the coil combined with the usual passive guitar control components is similar to a low wind Strat pickup. First impression is the Victory GF gives the Fishman Nashville a run for it’s money on a “Clean Acoustic” sound. This combined with 44-gauge wire and screws on top of the coils make for a bridge pickup that hears more string speak in both the higher and lower registers. As far as I understand it because both ceramic and ‘rubber’ magnets consist of powdered magnet particles embedded in clay or plastic, they both have low eddy current losses and a low permeability. Turns out Fender fitted a slightly odd combination of parts for the controls; a 500K linear for volume, a 500K Log (10% or ‘audio’ curve) and a 33nF tone cap. 180 sold. As you back off the volume control this peak rises in frequency and gets smaller. Thanks Curtis for building my dream Precision pickup! both are beautiful buttloads of sonic giving more vocabulary to express himself - we both bow big time in curtis' direction. This may only cause invisible microscopic movements of the rubber magnet is rubber it bends and stretches. It's staying in the SG forever. Is this a contributing factor to the tone Blake Mills gets on “If I’m Unworthy”? I add the qualification here that electromagnetism baffles me completely, so treat this info gingerly.

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