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Our scientists and engineers have lifted the lid on some futuristic technologies that could be incorporated in military and civil aircraft of 2040 or even earlier ON-BOARD 3D PRINTING Smaller unmanned aircraft – or UAVs – are created by super high-tech on-board 3D printers, via Additive Layer Manufacturing and robotic assembly techniques. Once they have reached their objective however, the craft can then split off and adapt to any given situation – whether that is going on the offensive if threatened, or performing functional tasks such as surveillance or the dropping of supplies. In doing so, we predict the most popular trends for 2019. Imagine your face acting as your passport, instead of a traditional piece of photo identification. However, all of that could change with the introduction of satellite-based wifi capabilities. For longer journeys, smaller sub-aircraft can be combined together during travel, to increase the range of the jet and save fuel through reducing ‘drag’. Or the airline companies? The company, known for its academically supported and […], Of all the things that are different aboard airliners these days, the FCC has decided one thing will remain the same. Very high flying. Search Follow. The New Airplane Seat That Will Help You Sleep Better. However, this problem should go away in the time since better-designed airplanes require less power each passing year. […]. Fully automated, or single pilot assisted automation, both have the potential to significantly reduce the number of human pilot errors that occur in flight accidents. Instead, you step up to a machine, it scans your face, and you get on the flight. Uber is reportedly considering selling its urban mobility unit Elevate to raise cash. The next decade of aviation has arrived, showcasing refinement of existing platforms and introducing all-new designs to rival the Golden Age of Flight. The resulting deforestation is worse for CO2 emissions. […]. 7) … Falcon’s EASy avionics suite is the most advanced flight deck system in civil aviation today. According to the same UBS study, around half of the people polled said no when asked if they would travel in a self-flying plane. The Google Pixel Bud Bluetooth earphones support live translation between 40 languages and this has already caught the eye of Air New Zealand, which is trialling the technology in the airport terminal and onboard aircraft. The event is a wing enhancement that will make aircraft wings both stronger and more energy efficient. While some of this new technology might help streamline travel, others hold the potential to revolutionize the way we travel and do business. That would potentially involve up to 10% in savings is based on airline travelers. Many people believe the answer is streaming. With the advent of new aircraft designs and fueling methods, the science fiction of flying cars and hyperspeed jets is quickly becoming a reality. With the human element removed, the airline can load much more efficiently, usually under twenty minutes. The new X-57 could help zero-carbon air travel take off. Also, at FTE Asia EXPO 2017 last November, Airport Authority Hong Kong’s General Manager Smart Airport, Chris Au Young, outlined the merits of smartphone-based signage translation … Copyright © 2020 BAE Systems. A futuristic attachment weapon for aircraft that is capable of firing a concentrated beam of energy at the speed of light, This technology allows jets to quickly heal themselves from damage sustained in flight, Top environmental issues at a local level, How do we factor product stewardship into our products lifecycle, California Transparency in Supply Chain Act, Scientists unveil aircraft technologies of the future. Locker explains that the new design “means the wing could transform to be optimal for each step, making flying much more efficient.” Virtual Reality (VR) is often associated with glasses that take you to a virtual … The improved accuracy and reliability of satellite compared to radar means controllers will be … Each one utilizes some of the new aircraft technology differently, so do some further research if you have the economic and access capabilities to use one. The adoption of any new aircraft technology – from research, to design sketches, to testing and full integration – is typically a decade-long process. 3) Biofuel Technology. It is easy to see why an increasing population of world travelers, military personnel, and private pilots obsess over future aircraft technology. How We Rank the Future Aircraft Technology on this List. The post For My Dog’s Sake, I’ll Drive appeared first on AVweb. There are a total of [ 129 ] Aircraft from 2020 to 2029 entries in the Military Factory. Alice Commuter. But new technology, currently being certified by regulators, gives pilots and passengers the option of hitting what is basically a panic button, to automatically land an aircraft. The 6X, like the larger Falcon 7X and 8X, will feature full fly-by-wire flight controls and advanced cockpit technologies. Secretive startup Joby Aviation let Aviation Week’s Guy Norris witness a flight test of its new electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft. In a real-world setting, these biometric scanners translate to much quicker loading times for travelers than traditional employees. Famed French aviation company lends its name to new hybrid aircraft From 1935 to 1948, French manufacturer Avions Mauboussin was known for its light sporting aircraft. Perhaps one of the most exciting future aircraft on this list is the appearance of the first flying car available on the market. Hypersonic jet technology will undoubtedly be in our future soon. Inflight entertainment has always been a troubled area for a lot of airline companies. Zunum Aero and Airbus E-Fan X created planes that operate on electric turbines for shorter trips but can switch to gas-powered turbines for extended trips. Face scanning technology might not seem cutting edge, but like a lot of tech on this list, it could have significant implications in coming years. Progress — How far along is the technology? Electrically-powered airplanes could be the answer to significantly reducing these emission levels. We rank the future aircraft technology on this list according to how revolutionary its potential is within the commercial, private and academic fields. While concepts and aircraft that could potentially usurp everything we know about traditional flying will be located at the top, interesting airline improvements will be more toward the bottom of the list. When something approaches hypersonic speeds, it means it is already quicker than supersonic speeds — or the speed of sound. Various airlines have introduced biometric boarding to help save time and money on loading passengers onto a plane. The 3D printers respond to data fed to them by a remote control room where a human commander decides what should be produced. Smaller unmanned aircraft – or UAVs – are created by super high-tech on-board 3D printers, via Additive Layer Manufacturing and robotic assembly techniques. The technology is a lightweight adhesive fluid inside a pattern of carbon nanotubes from which the aircraft is constructed and is released when damaged to quickly ‘set’ mid-flight and heal any damage. He… Aviation Week & Space Technology Some solutions, like palm oil, were not sustainable. While biometric technology will not likely change the face of future aircraft technology, it certainly puts your face front and center when it comes to navigating commercial travel. In future, these could be adapted into an attachment for aircraft, taking that capability to the air, allowing fast-moving jets to destroy targets mid-air with incredible accuracy, at a low cost per beam, and with a very deep magazine which holds beams. A new partnership between the Delft University of Technology and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has been announced along with a plan for a striking new plane. This creates the ultimate adaptable taskforce, with a lead aircraft able to enter any unknown scenario and quickly manufacture an effective toolset for any task. Roughly this speed corresponds to 3,836–7,673 miles per hour. Today, most MROs use a form of predicative analytics to identify … Airbus FARNBOROUGH, UK -- Over the last century, the aviation industry has steadily pushed ahead with bold new designs. ADS-B will eventually replace radar as the primary technology to track and separate aircraft. The German carrier stated that it boarded 350 passengers onto an Airbus A380 within 20 minutes. American Airlines and Emirates have both become fans of this process on some of its services. Now, that dream is becoming reali… By Hall Hibbard The landing gear, wing flaps and cavity designs of many significant airplanes will likely change in coming years. Some have nothing at all. Zero-Fuel Aircraft. A jet traveling at that speed could reach New York from Beijing in less than two hours. However, the propellers can collapse and fold into the vehicle when not in use. Viability — Will the existing market want this technology? Eviation, a startup company based in Israel, unveiled its all-electric light aircraft, … Since China just tested a successful hypersonic jet, we can expect the United States to follow in suite swiftly. Companies like Boeing and Airbus believe commercial hypersonic flight may be the future. Current anti-aircraft weaponry would not be able to target hypersonic missiles or bombers. China already developed a jet prototype in controlled lab settings that reached 5,600 miles per hour. ... And though battery technology is improving, it’s nowhere close to aviation fuel in terms of … The idea of a zero-fuel aircraft has gained a lot of traction recently in both civil … Unfortunately, the industry is a long ways away from entirely shifting toward cleaner biofuel technology. Valkyrie (Kratos) http://www.kratosusd.com/ https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=1755 9. With any luck, in twenty years the transportation and military aircraft we see every day will be nearly unrecognizable. 5) Self-Flying Planes. From a business standpoint, this level of automation is beneficial for the airlines. These days many top airline companies, including United, used biofuels on their commercial flights, and this number is expected to rise. While electric engines promise a cleaner source of air travel, hypersonic jet engines promise a much faster one. Low clouds are expected this morning in […], Legendary test pilot and World War II fighter ace Gen. Charles E. Yeager died Monday night, according to a tweet released by his wife Victoria. This article will give you a sense of which aspects of the aircraft industry changed the most rapidly in 2018 by ranking them regarding their potential impact and viability. Airbus, Toyota, and AirspaceX all plan on releasing flying cars or taxis by 2020. The benefits are not purely monetary either. For user operation, anyone driving or flying the PAL-V would need both a pilot’s license and a viable landing zone. Must prototype models run on solar-powered lithium batteries. Facial scanning ticket technology would eliminate the need for paper tickets, impatient airline agents and a lot of flying stress. Unfortunately, it is still much cheaper for airline companies to run on kerosene. The most significant problem is the battery itself. Media streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO have long been hindered by wifi connectivity issues on long airline flights. Get the latest in airline news and aircraft technology from the editors of Popular Mechanics. The wing prototype, which is being called the Passive Aeroelastic Tailored (PAT) composite wing, is predicted to quickly be adopted by commercial airlines for its efficient structural design, lightweight and energy conservation power. Already there are several essential companies offering hybrid and fully electric plane technology. A V-shaped airliner that seats passengers in the wings instead of a central fuselage could make long-distance air travel more sustainable — and it’s more than pie in the sky. This is an extraor… After use the UAVs could render themselves useless through dissolving circuit boards or they might safely land in a recoverable position if re-use was required. Required fields are marked *, Imagine flying around the world and being paid for it.... Read more →, Silver Airways is a low-cost alternative for flights that travel... Read more →, Gaining a pilot’s license is the goal of many, and... Read more →, Meta: Renewing your passport can be daunting, but it can... Read more →, For anyone that wants their job to have something to... Read more →, Today's Air Traffic Report:Gusty winds could slow flights today in the New York area (EWR, JFK, LGA). We are a step closer to finding out the top eight aircraft innovations for 2019, as recognized in the 2019 Crystal Cabin Awards. Sources & Credits: 10. New plane designs, alternative fuels, flight patterns, and even airport architecture promise to shrink aviation's carbon footprint. Since the popularization of unmanned drone technology by the military and private sector, it seems inevitable that commercial airlines would take advantage of this cost-cutting technology. U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322) In 2004, Richard Branson inaugurated the Virgin Galactic project, with the goal of … Augmented Reality. Such advances include the introduction of full fly-by-wire flight controls technology, employing advanced materials in its airframes and developing cockpit designs that … However, it is worth noting that the technology would make flying a lot safe by eliminating human error. This transition takes the Pal-V Liberty around ten minutes, so do not expect to go from road to air while driving the vehicle. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics reveals plans for its Quiet Supersonic Technology Airliner, or QSTA, that will leverage its research with NASA to create a passenger airplane capable of Mach 1.8. 1) Electrically-powered Airplanes. Top 9 Future Aircraft Technology To Be On The Lookout For In 2019. Change that will not just affect they commercial airline industry or the military, but rather the entire world. Has the Air Force Already Shown Us Its Secret New Fighter Jet? 4) Flying Cars. Your email address will not be published. While the technology for biofuels powering future aircraft is there, the commercial viability is not. Even in coach. The vehicle can fit up to two people and travels at speeds of 99 miles per hour on land and 817 miles per hour in the air. The Transformer is a flexible aircraft system that combines smaller jets for more efficient travel, before having them split apart to quickly adapt to any scenario. Self-flying planes would also mean a lot more cash for airlines — up to thirty billion USD according to the banking group UBS. Technology on new aircraft can either improve fuel burn through aerodynamic efficiency (mainly airframe), or to reduce actual combustion use (mainly engine-related). Currently in use on battlefields today are Directed Energy Systems which can be used to protect ground troops from incoming projectiles such as missiles or mortars via concentrated energy beams. Specifically, we look at the following set of criteria: Combustible airline engines will not be sustainable in the future. Airbus' A330neo is a new take on an old design. However, the money is still a pretty good incentive. 2) Hypersonic Jet Engines. Convenience — How will the technology benefit the user? Airbus has revealed three concepts for the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft which could enter service by 2035. But with so many new developments in the flight industry, it can be hard to focus on a particular area. Electric aircraft would mean reduced cost in the ticket price and far less noise pollution from airports. This advanced use of materials would create a highly survivable jet, capable of entering even the most dangerous of scenarios to complete vital missions. But mainly this is good news for anyone who lives near an airport or becomes stressed out by loud noises on a flight. There is a good reason for this industry-wide discrepancy. Including wifi on a plane involved installing a costly system. Based on improvements in technologies, as well as feedback from operators, it now includes new features and options to further enhance situational awareness, safety and efficiency. Bjorn Fehrm, an independent industry aviation expert at Leeham News, refers to one- and half-pilot airplanes, a term some industry executives already use to refer to the latest generation of aircraft. In addition to providing safer screening process, it also allows planes to spend less time on the ground and more time carrying paying customers. Lufthansaintroduced biometric boarding on its service from Miami to Munich in February. This noise, which is particularly prevalent during liftoff and landing, was reduced up 70% with new parts and design. It is incredibly costly to please everyone with a good selection of movie and TV shows, and even when the choice is good, many people still seem to dislike it. Top 9 Future Aircraft Technology To Be On The Lookout For In 2019, How We Rank the Future Aircraft Technology on this List, Buyer’s Guide — Future Aircraft Available for Purchase or Preorder, 8 Private Pilot Requirements You Need To Know About, How to Renew Your Passport Online with 4 Simple Steps, News and Updates - FAA Air Traffic Report, AVweb Profile: Aviation Photographer Steve Zimmermann, Viking Rear-ends Car In Emergency Landing. He […], While flying from San Jose International airport to Portland International airport we heard the following: Oakland Center: “Delta 123, cleared to […], It’s always been curious to me how the lion’s share of GA training emphasizes landings over takeoffs. If the demand for electric and hypersonic technology continues advancing at the high rate it is growing; it could mean significant advances for the human race. Kudos to the DOT for laying down the law on animals in the cabin. Along with this, Delta Air Lines is continuing to expand its use of facial recognition technology. Preorders are already taking for the PAL-V Liberty and, according to a Futurism report,  set to release in 2019. In a 1938 issue of Popular Mechanics, a Lockheed Aviation engineer dreamed of a wing-shaped airplane. A series of low-level satellites would provide everyone in the air with an internet connection by casting a web of coverage over the skies. The test is already underway for uncrewed commercial airline planes. Traditionally fueled airplanes account for around 4% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. At first glance, the vehicle looks like a helicopter fixed on top of the body of a car. When demand for an alternative fuel source that would produce 50% fewer carbon emissions than traditional combustion engines became apparent, companies scrambled for solutions. Some airlines have an individualized screen on the back of each seat. While this technology is undoubtedly dazzling, it is also worth noting that it may pose a potential military threat. With climate change becoming an increasingly looming threat, any technology that reduces our dependence on ozone layer-destroying byproducts calls for a celebration. Smoothly returning to Earth certainly […], Colorado-based Steve Zimmermann is an exceptionally talented photographer with an unusual focus. The UAVs are best suited to each scenario – be it a group of wide-winged aircraft for protracted or enduring surveillance – or rotary-winged UAVs to rescue single civilians or soldiers from dangerous situations. Not to mention the fact that hundreds of thousands of pilots would soon be out of work. So what is the future for aircraft entertainment? Is it still in prototype mode or are there usable models? Boeing Co. BA -2.02% is gauging interest again in a new commercial aircraft, according to people familiar with the matter, a move that could help it … Combined, these elements create a new aircraft with a reduced environmental impact. It uses GPS satellites and aircraft equipment to send information to ground stations, which then relay the information to controllers. 6) Facial Scanning Ticket Technology. The concept can be tailor-made to suit any scenario. It will not allow passengers to […], No one was injured when a Bellanca Viking with two people aboard made an emergency landing on a Minnesota freeway on Dec. 2, colliding with an SUV. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Companies like Boeing invested heavily in research and development for automated aircraft technology. September 1, 2020 This Wild New Aircraft Could Make Private Aviation as Affordable as Flying Commercial The laminar-flow design of the Celera 500L gives it … As such, researchers continue to test design patents. PAL-V is not the only company with immediate plans for the future of automobiles. Is it cost effective for major companies to get behind it? He likes to shoot captivating subjects on the ground […], The 2021 Paris Air Show has been canceled due to uncertainty caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, show organizers announced on Monday. If you are interested in owning a piece of futuristic aircraft before the rest of the world, then check out this list of cutting-edge planes, cars, and planes that will be available to buy or preorder in 2019. Though useful in a trial, this power source currently is not able to store enough power for longer flights. The dream of pollution-free air travel, or lightspeed travel, is that much closer to our reach. Another NASA development that will affect future aircraft for years to come happened at the Armstrong Flight Research Center. While it is true that a lot of the future aircraft technology are mainly minor developments that will only impact the commercial field, there is real change brewing close on the horizon. Fast Company reporter Melissa Locker writes that researchers from MIT and NASA have developed a new kind of airplane wing made up of hundreds of tiny identical pieces that can change shape mid-flight. With ADS-B Out, aircraft broadcast their positions and other information every second. Other companies, like Eviation Aircraft, Wright Electric, Ampaire, and Joby Aviation, are investing heavily in electric-only tech with promising and creative design schemes. Whether it is new prototypes, successful tests, or entirely functioning flight models, there is plenty of future aircraft technology bursting onto the scene — both big and small. Thankfully, companies like Neste created a more environmentally viable biofuel made from organic vegetable and animal waste — essentially a hydrotreated vegetable oil product. While electric air travel has a promising head start, it will still take a while before commercial airline companies adopt it as an economically viable solution. Thanks to a breakthrough at NASA earlier this year, researchers discovered how to reduce noise associated with airframe significantly. The concept of electric commercial airplanes does not just benefit the environment; it also behooves the average flyer. Biofuels, made from organic oil sources as opposed to petroleum, started with a shaky entry but quickly turned into a high entry point for environmentally conscious companies. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved, Our scientists and engineers have lifted the lid on some futuristic technologies that could be incorporated in military and civil aircraft of 2040 or even earlier, Advanced seeker production for next-generation precision-guided missile, BAE Systems delivers warship support to HMCS Toronto, BAE Systems names 'Partner2Win' Supplier of the Year Award winners. It seems the technological fear instilled by robotic guidance is still alive and well. Electric engines also allow plane travel at higher altitudes than combustible engines, which translates to less turbulent, bumpy rides. Prescriptive Maintenance Looms. Or the government. We help you out by compiling the ten most promising advances in flight in 2019 — both commercial and private. While commercial airline companies might be ready for a fully automated piloting system, it seems the general public is not. So, until oil becomes incredibly scarce, or governmental intervention occurs, biofuel will always remain on the sideline of the commercial industry.

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